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Flexible Business Finance (FBF) delivers working capital financing for fast-growing businesses in Idaho. Their offerings include invoice factoring, asset-based lending, and MRR credit lines for B2B SaaS companies.

Reliable cash flow is necessary for successful business and FBF’s dedicated team allows for quick lending decisions and tailoring of lending structure and terms to best fit each client’s needs. FBF provides a practical alternative for companies that don’t qualify for traditional bank or SBA financing. Through each of their offerings, Flexible Business Finance promotes the success and growth of Idaho companies – providing capital to invest in their teams, purchase equipment, or take advantage of large orders. They are capable of supporting startups operating on lean budgets, mid-stage companies expanding rapidly, or established businesses in sudden need of capital.

As a partner to Flexible Business Finance, Vessel’s mission is to empower companies and entrepreneurs in Idaho to introduce their products to the market and for commercialization in a timely manner, requiring the capital and fiscal support that Flexible Business Finance does best. Vessel and FBF utilize an established network of partners and a fully operational supply chain to bridge the financial gap and help companies scale and spur growth.

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