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As supply chains are challenged around the globe, a major contributor to the increase of supply chain disruption is cybersecurity attacks on supply chain technology and supply chain code. (The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity mapping on emerging supply chain attacks finds 66% of attacks focus on the supplier’s code.)

With cyber-attacks being a major concern in the supply chain industry, Boise State’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity is a trailblazer for innovative cybersecurity research and advancement in Idaho. The Institute maintains strategic partnerships with industry, higher education, and local government to improve cybersecurity in Idaho and the nation. In a world heavily reliant on cyber systems, the Institute both directly and indirectly supports manufacturing companies through their commercialization of ground-breaking research and tools, and education offered to students.

The Institute’s continuously innovative knowledge of cyber security — in conjunction with Vessel’s strategic sourcing and supply chain expertise — helps to empower Idaho manufacturers to go to market and achieve economies of scale — despite any disruptions.


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