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As your product moves from introduction into the growth stage, the success of your distribution and sales will rely heavily on your go-to-market strategy. Vessel has specialized partners and teams with extensive backgrounds in sales and marketing strategies. We work with you to determine the best approach to bring your product to market by conducting market and customer research and analyzing your sales and marketing engagement across platforms for brand alignment.

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Market & Customer Research

Target Market Research

Lead & Customer Interviews

Lead & Customer Sentiment

Competitive Research

Marketing Recommendations

Sales Recommendations



Branding, Design & Packaging

Website Development & Optimization


Customer Engagement & Automation

Collateral & Communications





CRM Pipeline Setup & Best Practices

Reference & Referral Development

Targeting & Lead Development

Sales Outreach

Relationship Management 

Sales Channels, Reps & Partners

Distribution Development

We conduct person-to-person interviews with your customers and potential customers within your industry to understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By gaining a deeper understanding of your customers’ decision-making process, we help you make more intelligent business decisions.

We conduct research and interviews with your customers, potential customers, distributors and decision makers within your industry to understand their preferences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By gaining a deeper understanding of target opportunities and your customers’ decision-making process, we help you make more intelligent business decisions.

Brand Strategy

Brand Valuation

Current & Prospective Client Interviews

Sentiment Studies

Marketing Consulting

Campaign Effectiveness

Brand Awareness

Competitive Analysis

Consumer Insights

Focus Groups

Persona Studies

Customer Service Strategy

With our proven and scientific approach, Vessel uses data-driven decision making to craft marketing strategies to help your business grow and build lasting and aligned relationships between your brand and customer. We offer creative brand strategy and packaging, website optimization/SEO, and analysis of organic and paid traffic.

Custom Website Design & Optimization

E-commerce Design & Management


Conversion Analysis & Optimization

Website Hosting

New Product Development

Product Branding and Packaging


Digital Display Marketing

Retargeting Advertising

Backlink Building

Google Analytics Management

Google My Business

Conversion Rate Optimization

Email Marketing


Social Media Strategy & Management

Press Release Production & Distribution

Curation of Influencer Marketing

Ratings & Review Optimization/Reputation Management​

Vessel provides resources to businesses who understand the importance of marketing but aren’t in a position to assemble an in-house team. Vessel helps take your business to the next level by optimizing your CRM and sales pipeline, and offering account and reputation management.

Pre-Sales Positioning

Customer Targeting

Value Proposition Crafting

CRM Setup, Integration & Organization

Pipeline Strategy & Forecasting

Sales Scripting

Sales Performance Measurement & Optimization

Account Management

Lead/Demand Generation

Lead Nurturing

Market Strategy

Channel Development

Dashboard Analytics

























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