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Vessel Schema
Vessel Schema Software

Business Evaluation Tool for MEP's

Vessel's purpose-build software application offers a single integrated set of tools for the management, serving, tracking, and reporting of an MEP's client business evaluations.

MEP centers use an array of technology to address both their internal needs and the needs of their clients. Vessel works with your MEP to evaluate the best possible technology solutions for improving operational efficiencies and usability. Vessel takes the time to truly understand your organization and follows an agnostic approach to identifying the best solution.

  • One-stop automated business intake and evaluation tool with scoring

  • CRM integration to synchronize client data for efficiency

  • Advanced dashboards, analytics and reporting based on your priorities

  • Supply chain and manufacturing industry expertise on-demand for targeted outcomes


Vessel Business Evaluations for an MEP

Technology Selection & Improvement

Custom Tool Development

Training & Support

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