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Silicon Mountain Contract Services is a high-quality electronics contract manufacturer. SMCS provides a wide range of services from prototyping to high-volume manufacturing. SMCS is set apart from other contract manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest due to its ability to accommodate different demands, by offering flexibility and a quick turnaround depending on each customer’s unique needs. 


SMCS's global purchasing power allows a variety of options, and their thorough team members issue in-depth reporting to help save time, money, and resources for each client. SMCS is experienced in working with fortune 500 companies as well as supporting dozens of start-up companies. Entrepreneurs in Idaho are invited to present their ideas to SMCS for quote options on hardware engineers/electrical engineers all the way through production forecasting.


As a partner to SMCS, Vessel’s mission is to empower companies and entrepreneurs in Idaho to introduce their products to the market and for commercialization in a timely manner, requiring the state of the art equipment and customized manufacturing that SMCS is known best for. Vessel and SMCS utilize an established network of partners and a fully operational supply chain to bridge the gap between R&D and commercial-scale manufacturing and help companies scale products and spur growth. 


In partnership with SMCS, the Vessel team helps take product companies and entrepreneurs alike to the next level with strategic sourcing and contract manufacturing.

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