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Stackrock Talent helps companies in Idaho find the right talent to grow their business. Their well of experience, ranging from recruiting to marketing and consultation, inspires a modernized talent acquisition approach that attracts, engages, and retains the right person for each position and company culture. Stackrock has a unique method to recruiting; they become fully immersed in a company to understand the underlying purpose, goals, and values behind it. With their passion, empathy, and exceptional people skills, Stackrock provides all of the services to help companies attract the right applicants for long-term success. 

As a partner to Stackrock, Vessel’s mission is to empower companies and entrepreneurs in Idaho to introduce their products to the market and for commercialization — and this requires having the best possible team in place. Vessel utilizes an established network of manufacturing partners and fully operational international supply chain to bridge the gap between R&D and commercial-scale manufacturing to help companies scale products and spur growth. Stackrock Talent can help place the right individuals internally to help make this happen as Vessel focuses on external support.

The Vessel team takes manufacturing and product companies to the next level with their strategic sourcing and supply chain expertise, while the folks at Stackrock Talent ensure the requisite human capital is present to ensure companies have the stability and inspiration to go the distance.

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