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From university-based offices in Boise, Post Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello, TechHelp's trusted advisors help Idaho manufacturers, food processors, and entrepreneurs improve their competitive edge through continuous product and process innovation. The TechHelp team supports manufacturers by offering a wide range of services that help product companies grow their revenue, improve production efficiency and quality, and strengthen global competitiveness. These services include concept development, design engineering, and prototyping solutions. As a catalyst for strengthening Idaho manufacturing, TechHelp accelerates ongoing transformation into a more efficient and powerful engine of innovation, driving economic growth and job creation.


TechHelp’s Food Manufacturing Team includes University of Idaho faculty, agricultural extension resources, and internationally recognized contracted partners. This team delivers a broad range of services to the food industry through site visits, needs assessments, on-site project work, on-site training, and public courses. TechHelp also offers resources needed to help companies comply with regulations, develop food safety programs, become GFSI certified, and create and extend shelf life.


The team at TechHelp can also aid in the development of marketing and sales strategies, improving profit margins and operational efficiencies, identifying contract manufacturers, developing new products, and training teams in a wide variety of industry-relevant topics. Reach out to TechHelp for all-encompassed product and process innovation.

TechHelp helps inventors, manufacturers, and processors make it in Idaho!

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