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Tenant Realty Advisors (TRA) is a Boise commercial real estate firm that helps companies renew leases, consolidate, expand, or relocate to new locations. Through understanding your business goals and objectives, uncovering available properties that meet your needs, and negotiating the most favorable lease or sale terms, TRA helps businesses secure an ideal industrial space with no fees. As the only real estate firm in Boise that is 100 percent dedicated to working on behalf of tenants and buyers (as opposed to building owners and landlords) TRA invests in long-term relationships rather than simply brokering transactions. TRA’s knowledge base and unbiased advice help companies to avoid pitfalls, uncover economic opportunities, save time and money, and allow industrial spaces to become one of a business’s greatest assets.

As a partner to TRA, Vessel’s mission is to empower companies and entrepreneurs in Idaho to introduce their products to the market and for commercialization. TRA’s experience and support enable companies to expand, save money, and solidify the physical space necessary to grow. Vessel and TRA bridge the gap between R&D and commercial-scale manufacturing to help companies scale and spur development.

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