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Teton Machining Services (Teton Machine) provides premium machining and sub-assembly services for complex machine parts. Their team works for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, oil and gas, medical, and scientific testing and instruments. From raw material to finished product, they can help with anodizing, heat treatment, painting, plating or laser etching. Teton Machine’s quality process supports the demand for high quality and repeatable accuracy. They supply high-quality parts and use CNC and Swiss machining to compete at a global scale. For companies needing help turning their vision into a product or improving products through process control, Teton Machining Services is the go-to provider.

As a partner to Teton Machine, Vessel’s mission is to empower companies and entrepreneurs across a range of industries in Idaho to introduce or increase their products on the market for commercialization. Vessel and Teton Machine utilize an established network of partners and a fully operational supply chain to bridge the gap between ideation and commercial-scale manufacturing to help companies with product quality and spur growth. 

In partnership with Teton Machining Services, the Vessel team helps take product companies and entrepreneurs alike to the next level with the combination of strategic sourcing and machining services.

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