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​Vessel carries you through the ideation stage with research, experience and direct product feedback for a better fit with distributors and end customers. We work through the vast challenges around product vetting, sourcing, manufacturing and the full list of logistics and manufacturing challenges in production and negotiating pricing and scaling. Vessel shortens the gap between distribution and sales with a tested approach to your sales and marketing engagement and customer alignment.  

With an established office and representatives in the Philippines, Vessel's global market reach and expertise provide value from producers to end customers in the Health Tech industry. We actively vet manufacturers to ensure all of the products we source are compliant with necessary regulations. We work closely with our customers to handle the logistics and supply chain management — from sourcing and vetting all the way to shipping and fulfillment.


Experienced leaders and technical partners you can rely on


Nicolas Kawaguchi

Manufacturing sales and distribution expert 


With over a 10 years of experience in the startup technology and manufacturing sectors, Nic understands how to support businesses through integrated sales and marketing strategies that effectively drive growth. Nic ensures that every process in the supply chain works like a well-oiled machine and ensures that you get the product you need, at the right price, at the right time.


Derik Ellis

Revenue growth strategist and problem solver


Derik is an experienced leader dedicated to helping companies grow intelligently. Derik has founded tech companies and has over 18 years of leadership experience in successful growth related roles ranging from business development, as well as directing marketing and sales teams. Derik serves on boards and advises entrepreneurs that fit his experience.


Kent Walker

Experienced supply chain management leader 

VP of Operations

Kent is a dedicated international management professional with experience in operations management and product development. Skilled in collaborating with all members of an organization to achieve business and financial objectives, he has been instrumental in streamlining and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing technology solutions.


Manufacturing operations professional who brings cross functional business and technical capabilities that support an array of worldwide partners working toward successful execution of projects and programs. Demonstrated relationship-building and program management skills that span a broad context of product design, industrial design, design-for-manufacturing, quality, assembly, tooling, supply chain and cost optimization and improvement.

Director of Strategic Sourcing

Manufacturing and supply chain sourcing expert 

Michael J. Sieler


Patricia Manahan, MD

Manufacturing business strategist and MD

Director of Supply Chain

Patricia is an agile professional who has a background in industries as varied as health care and inland petroleum logistics.  A physician in a previous life, she applied the patience, attention to detail, bedside manner and knowledge derived from medical training to her business experience and focused on the health, environment and safety, contract negotiation, procurement and operations management. 


Jared Brodd

Experienced Product Manager 

Product Manager

Jared ensures all products meet quality assurance standards, conducts FAIs on all samples and sends them to clients in a timely manner. He manages quotes and logistics for shipments of products. This includes gathering product requirements and certifications to provide support to Vessel’s sales team. Jared’s entrepreneurial mindset, positive attitude and drive are an integral part to the momentum inside of Vessel.


We manage your supply chain and go-to-market so you can grow your business.


As you start to gain traction with your product, you’ll need to scale your manufacturing and sales for revenue growth. At a time when you need economies of scale the most, there is high risk associated with internalizing the expertise, cost, and relationships necessary to succeed.


Vessel was created by combining the supply chain expertise of SMH Health and the go-to-market expertise from SMHeuristics to maximize your operational capacity for revenue growth while your product gains traction. 


Navigating ever-changing domestic and international relationships, manufacturing, product sourcing, customs, rates & transit times, freight shipping, and direct distribution. Let us partner with you to help manage your supply chain and deliver your supplies with confidence. We work with you in parallel to bridge the gap between your product and customer.


We help our partners in the U.S. and abroad to import and distribute their products, market and sell
better, and align with customers through research.

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