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Vessel Positioning Studies

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Positioning Study Product and Market Research

Your customer needs to be "true north". Develop knowledge around your customers that the whole organization can use. Vessel's Positioning service is engineered with a company's goals in mind: Target market focus and validation, increased awareness, focused client engagement, higher customer conversion and relationship development. We begin by collecting data via our in-depth, proven interview process and persona databases, then strengthen this data with your unique input and collaboration, and provide recommendations for success based on customer feedback. This qualitative and quantitative approach to client research equips you with enhanced information to help you act on existing strategies. The benefits? Internal efficiency, better segmentation, improved engagement, and a deeper understanding of the motivators behind customers’ decisions. Our comprehensive positioning strategy includes a focused list of priorities for increased awareness, client recommendations, effective engagement, support and CRM improvements. Develop the knowledge around your customers that your whole organization can use to develop solutions based on their preferences. Increase awareness, align internally with your customer more effectively to revenue and cost savings.

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