Stratgic Sourcing and Supply Chain Consulting

With over 20 years of relationship building and expertise in the healthcare, high-tech, and manufacturing industries, Vessel has developed a global supply and distribution channel to include a supply chain team located in the Philippines, as well as distribution partners and suppliers located in Idaho, the United States and globally. Whether you need help sourcing products or need a trustworthy third party to validate existing products - we’re here to help.

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Discovery & Alignment


Search & Qualifications


Source & Manufacture


Logistics & Delivery

Strategic Sourcing

Get better product pricing, increased capacity & a better relationship with your manufacturer. We know we can source it for you.    

Supply Chain Consulting

Mitigate risks and navigate your supply chain more effectively from concept to delivery for scale. This is hard... let us help you.

 Vessel begins the process of sourcing partner manufacturers through a careful and extensive vetting process. Vetting new manufacturing partners requires deep scrutiny to ensure legitimacy and credibility. Quality of product is a top priority and developing a strong and trusted manufacturing relationship is critical as you scale. 

Vendor Search and Vetting

Competitive Pricing

Qualification Match

Managed Purchasing

Logistics & Economic Factoring 

Current Relationships (Global Reach)

Sample Development

Records, Inspections & Reviews

Direct to Manufacturer Relationships

Vessel is a one-stop solution to help you bridge the gap between R&D and commercial-scale manufacturing to help you quickly and reliably distribute your product to meet demands. 

Supply Chain Strategy

Risk Mitigation

Engineering and Design

Quality Assurance

Product & Program Management

Purchasing & Negotiations


Warehousing and Distribution


IP Protection