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 Supply Chain Consulting

We believe in your company and the value your product will bring to the market.


VESSEL partners with your team for growth. The supply chain complexities a company faces after gaining market validation and traction is exponentially difficult with direct impact on internal expertise, process improvements, finances, technology, partnerships and more. Vessel will assess, build and help you with the lift of expertise and labor for growth buying you the time and resources to make it to commercialization.  

Partner with us to help you PLAN, SOURCE, MAKE, MOVE, DELIVER your products for growth.  





R&D & Product Evaluation

Plan, Sources, Manufacturing, Logistics

Complexity Alignment & Visualization

Team Capabilities & Expertise

Go-to-market Realities & Approach

Operations (Legal, Financial, Sales & Marketing)

Technologies & Digital Transformation

ERP, CRM, Inventory Management

Customer Traction, Feedback & Approach

Internal Adoption & Continuous Improvements


Initial Intake & Alignment

"NAVIGATOR" Gap Analysis (Recommendations & Plan)

"WORKFORCE" Supply Chain Services


  • Sourcing, Manufacturing & Logistics

  • Strategic Overwatch & Change Management

  • Managed & Project Management Services

  • Operated & Fulfilled by VESSEL

  • Build, Train, Operationalize & Document

  • Technology Development & Digital Transformation

When you Partner with Vessel 

Mitigate risks and navigate your supply chain more effectively from concept to delivery for scale. 

This is hard... let us help you. 

Get better product pricing, increased capacity & a better relationship with your manufacturer.

We know we can source it for you.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Sourcing & Manufacturing Redundancies 

Engineering and Design (Specific Expertise)

Quality Assurance

Product & Program Management

Purchasing & Negotiations

Inbound & Outbound Logistics

Warehousing and Distribution


IP Protection

Vendor Search and Vetting

Competitive Pricing

Qualification Match

Managed Purchasing

Logistics & Economic Factoring 

Current Relationships (Global Reach)

Sample Development

Records, Inspections & Reviews

Direct to Manufacturer Relationships

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