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VESSEL Manufacturing Extension Partnership Services

MEP Services

Vessel partners with your MEP center with supply chain resiliency solutions that include research, technology & education. Our mission is to support your organization and manufacturers you support to enhance growth, improve productivity, reduce costs and expand capacity for the scale of U.S. manufacturing. Having worked with MEPs, Vessel understands your mission to support manufacturing clients and partners in your state as well as furthering re-shoring goals in the U.S. Vessel's customized approach is aligned with your priorities and focused on making your job easier with the highest positive outcomes for your organization and the clients you serve.

MEP centers use an array of technology to address both their internal needs and the needs of their clients. Vessel works with your MEP to evaluate the best possible technology solutions for improving operational efficiencies and usability.

“The Vessel team has been an integral partner to TechHelp. We have partnered with them on several projects, including a supplier scouting review, and they have always gone above and beyond with the quality of their work."

Steve Hatten

Executive Director of TechHelp

TechHelp Idaho MEP VESSEL Testimonial
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