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Supply Chain Resources to Support the Important Mission of the Manufacturing  Extension Partnership (MEP)

Vessel partners with your MEP center with our supply chain expertise, technology and education to help your manufacturers with enhanced growth, efficiency, labor, productivity, reduce costs and the ability to expand capacity. Having worked with MEPs, Vessel understands your mission to support manufacturing clients and partners in your state as well as furthering re-shoring goals in the U.S. Vessel's customized approach is aligned with your priorities and focused on making your job easier with the highest positive outcomes for your organization and the clients you serve. We help MEPs streamline processes through client positioning studies for alignment, dynamic assessments for recommendations, improved client management, education and reporting improvements.

Vessel is a veteran and minority owned organization based in Boise focused on growing U.S. manufacturing companies and the organizations supporting these manufacturers. Vessel leads the charge for manufacturers by providing strategic and technological solutions for scalability, effectively positioning them with their customers and channels, and de-risking their supply chain with resources.

Improve visibility for your MEP center, your services and your partners

Understand the needs of manufacturers reaching out to your MEP

Update your client intake with dynamic recommendations

Utilize our custom client decision process for onboarding and recommendations

Develop a lead tracking approach from first contact and throughout the project

Simplify your reporting and improve traceability

Visualize, segment, and tag your partners for improved client connections

Vessel-supported supplier scouting, onboarding and surveying

Vessel MEP Services

Awareness & traceability to show impact

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Vessel works with you to define, develop, and provide training and learning experiences for your clients. Our team serves as an asset to your organization, conducting the research necessary to prioritize the most effective courses and customized learning experiences.

  • Educational Needs Identification

  • Training Collateral Development

  • Learning Management Strategies

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Vessel evaluates the technology already in use, makes recommendations for tools and systems that will improve operations, develops a plan to build them, and helps operationalize technology based on organizational processes and needs.

  • ERP, Inventory, CRM, LMS & Assessments

  • Evaluation, Development & Improvements

  • Digital Transformation & Reporting

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Vessel's qualitative and quantitative approach to client research equips you with enhanced information to help you act on existing strategies and those of your partners providing internal efficiency, better segmentation, improved engagement, and organizational priorities.

  • Product Market Fit

  • Awareness & Sentiment Research

  • Go to Market & Commercialization Studies

Vessel Supply Chain Topic Areas 

Digital Transformation



Risk Mitigation

ERP & Inventory Management

Cyber Security

Planning, Design, Sourcing, Manufacturing & Logistics

Food & Beverage, Military & Government, Recreation, Firearms 


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