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Flapjacks Make an Impact — Kicking Off Our Give-Back Initiatives

There are more than 6,000 nonprofits in the state of Idaho — each with their own donors and volunteers. According to the Idaho Nonprofit Center, these organizations create nearly 56,000 jobs in our state and approximately 380,000 volunteer positions. Nonprofits make a big impact on employment in Idaho, but they are also helping make a difference in the everyday lives of people in need.

Giving back to her community is especially important for SMHeuristics Project Manager Brennan Hussey, and she recently started some important conversations here at SMH about why it's important to give back. To gain some insight, we reached out to community leader Russ Stoddard, Founder and President of certified B Corporation Oliver Russell and author of Rise Up: How to Build a Socially Conscious Business.

We met with Russ, who gave our team some great ideas we wanted to implement immediately. For starters, SMHeuristics decided to joined United Way of Treasure Valley for their 12th annual Flapjack Feed to support local families in need of health, education, and financial stability.

Even as we build relationships with clients around the globe, we realize it is also important to build relationships in our own community. Hundreds of Boiseans seemed to agree — as attendees flooded the 12th Annual United Way of Treasure Valley Flapjack Feed.

During the event, the SMHeuristics team enjoyed a delicious breakfast — with the funds for each breakfast purchased going to families in need. (This was the nonprofit's largest Flapjack Feed yet, with attendance up 18 percent over last year and 1,532 breakfasts served!) Next, we helped assemble necessity kits (for children going back to school who may not have access to deodorant, toothbrushes, shampoo, and other personal care products). We were also able to add a personal and heartfelt note to each kit.

“This event is the beginning of our efforts to incorporate more opportunities to engage with our Boise community in a more socially mindful way,” says Brennan Hussey. “As we continue to grow as a company, we don't want to forget the community and where we started. If we want to be the company that actively participates in our local nonprofits, then the time to start incorporating those practices is now, in the first two years of a startup, rather than ten years down the road.”

Attending the Flapjack Feed was a great experience for the SMHeuristics team, and we are looking forward to supporting more nonprofits in the near future. It feels good to know that, even in a small way, we were able to help the kids in our community.

In the year to come, SMHeuristics will be increasing our level of community engagement, and we are all ready to help make a difference in the Treasure Valley. There are many people who need support, so stay tuned for more exciting happenings from SMH as we dive in!

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