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2023 Vessel Challenge Coin - Honoring U.S. Manufacturing

2023 U.S. Manufacturing & Supply Chain Challenge Coin
2023 U.S. Manufacturing & Supply Chain Challenge Coin

The history and intent of the challenge coin has a special meaning for those that carry them. Vessel, being a Veteran-owned company, takes deep pride in the significance and practice in which we create and share each of our commemorative coins. Our own CEO, Derik Ellis, is rarely without his coin on hand, and it regularly becomes a topic of conversation and symbol of appreciation.

Vessel’s 2023 small batch commemorative Challenge Coin was 100% sourced and manufactured in the U.S. and designed with these elements in mind: Reshoring and Resilience, Fueling Growth, and Advancing U.S. Manufacturing. The practice of someone on the Vessel team awarding a challenge coin signifies a trusted partnership and an aligned mission. For recipients of our Vessel Challenge Coin, we thank you for your camaraderie and show recognition for your deep commitment to the important work in creating supply chain solutions for U.S. small and mid-size manufacturers.

Challenge Coins are typically a representation of one's company or industry and a symbol of pride. It’s a powerful way to share dedication to a cause, to recognize a shared camaraderie, or can be a fun way to challenge a competitor. For more information on the history and meaning of challenge coins, read this NY Times article,

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