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Navigating Idaho’s Supply Chain: Immediate Logistics and Warehousing Support

As widespread supply chain issues continue to impact companies globally and in our region, we are continuing to make valuable connections between these businesses and our diverse network of channel partners. In this success story, read about how Vessel's Logistics Management team and two of our manufacturing partners, Verde Fulfillment and Expeditors, answered one client's need for affordable and timely product sourcing, storage/warehousing, management, and delivery of important shipments.


In late 2020, a high-tech research company based in the Pacific Northwest reached out to Vessel for help with product sourcing. At that time, the company, which was referred to Vessel by one of its healthcare partners, was unable to obtain important lab equipment from its usual distributors. In the months that followed, Vessel located an alternative source for this equipment and facilitated multiple shipments — answering the company’s need for uninterrupted access to critical lab equipment. An ongoing professional relationship ensued.

All Hands on Deck

Although Vessel quickly addressed the company’s product needs, the client ran into an unexpected snag with a later shipment in 2021 — they found themselves without the in-house warehouse space needed to accommodate a large quantity of lab equipment they were expecting. To further complicate matters, the products would need to be kept sterile.

The company contacted several facilities in the Northwest to inquire about available storage, but global supply chain issues have resulted in widespread warehousing constraints, so space was limited — and what was available would cost them a premium. Uncertain how to proceed, the company again contacted Vessel for help.

Global supply chain issues have resulted in limited warehouse space available for storing products

Finding Longitude

Vessel’s logistics team contacted two of its channel partners — third-party logistics (3PL) partner Verde Fulfillment and freight partner Expeditors — to find a solution. Verde Fulfillment confirmed they would be able to store the client’s lab equipment in its 200,000 square-foot facility — a well-maintained, temperature-controlled environment that would ensure the products remained sterile. Additionally, Verde offered a more affordable storage solution than the other facilities the client had contacted. Expeditors also stepped up to the challenge, with its secure network of truck drivers transporting the client’s lab equipment from port/customs directly to Verde Fulfillment in Boise, Idaho.

Beyond providing storage space for the client’s products, Verde Fulfillment offers inventory management, a robust warehouse management system (WMS), and a highly vetted network of transportation partners. These services meant Verde was able to reliably and affordably deliver regular product shipments back to the client on a bimonthly basis for the remainder of 2022.

Verde Fulfillment offers inventory management, a robust warehouse management system (WMS), and a highly vetted network of transportation partners

“The most important aspect of any relationship is providing a service that is financially sustainable,” says James Wilfong, Business Development Manager for Verde Fulfillment. “In the case of this client, it was important that we provided a cost-effective solution for both the storage of their merchandise as well as delivery to their facility on a reoccurring basis.”

Staying the Course

Throughout this client relationship, Vessel has demonstrated its capabilities in strategic sourcing and logistics management. Not only did Vessel find an alternate source for its client’s lab equipment, but the team came through at another critical time — connecting the client to a highly capable 3PL partner that offered an affordable and timely end-to-end solution for the storage, management, and delivery of its products.

"Verde Fulfillment consistently goes above and beyond to address their clients’ needs — and this situation was no exception,” says Jared Brodd, Vessel’s Director of Logistics. “That’s one of the many reasons Verde is Vessel's go-to partner for storage and warehousing. Their facilities and operations are top-notch and their service is outstanding. They always respond to our requests in a timely manner, allowing us to meet our customers' needs more efficiently. We feel confident in Verde's ability to fulfill the services they offer, as they have always maintained constant, transparent communication."

When it comes to helping its clients navigate increasingly challenging supply chain issues, Vessel's resourcefulness and extensive network of trusted channel partners provide significant benefits to Idaho companies.


Download the case study below to read this success story in its entirety.

Download PDF • 10.85MB

Also, check out the following video in our Supply Chain Insights series. Here, Brodd talks with Vessel Co-Founder Derik Ellis about what companies can do when storing products is a logistical nightmare due to global hijinks.

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