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Network Expertise: Navigating Shipping and Fulfillment

We recently had a conversation with third-party logistics (3PL) provider Verde Fulfillment about the many ways manufacturers can take advantage of shipping and fulfillment services to spur growth, refine their internal development and culture, evaluate production, and streamline their processes. We spoke with James Wilfong, Verde’s Business Development Manager, who provided salient advice for manufacturers in Idaho.

Here are Wilfong's top three suggestions for manufacturers or other businesses who are facing issues in their fulfillment or production processes:

  1. Have a good understanding of the timeline, from testing to production and inspection.

  2. Build successful and trusted partnerships.

  3. Ask for feedback in order to evaluate and improve upon processes.

Wilfong continues: “As a 3PL, we have merchandise being sent to our facility from hundreds of different manufacturers and something that can make a significant difference is to consider the best packaging to place the merchandise into."

Here are a few packaging tips:

  • Don't skimp on the box quality.

  • Consider double-wall when necessary.

  • Choose the right ECT for the product weight and carton contents.

  • Label the cartons with all the essential data, SKU, quantity, UPC/EAN, PO#, and Lot#.

"By considering the best packaging before production," he explains, "you can ensure you have them sourced and stocked for production to be completed, ensure that all product information is clear and accessible, and most importantly that the merchandise is protected and will arrive safely to its final destination."

Wilfong also told us that “not valuing employees, which are [the] number one asset [a company has]” is the biggest mistake he sees companies make. Wilfong added that Verde strives to “lead by example in hopes that partners recognize [their] success in this area.”


Verde Fulfillment specializes in e-commerce fulfillment, direct-to-store or DC fulfillment (B2B fulfillment), as well as product returns management. Verde can completely take care of shipment into their facilities or can provide assistance if relationships are already in place. Their goal? To help move inventory as quickly and easily as possible. Verde Fulfillment's services include: providing warehousing, managing bulk inventory, pallets, cross-docking, lot-controlled inventories, quality control, and more. Whether you are a manufacturing company looking to increase production, hone in on your product, or smooth out internal processes, Verde Fulfillment is the perfect logistics partner to get you from testing to distribution (and help with everything in between).

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