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We are taking the nearly unprecedented step of bringing supply chain management (SCM) and go-to-market (GTM) strategies together under one roof. We have been inspired to embark on this new adventure to better serve our product manufacturing partners. The powerhouse Vessel, has been formed by knocking down the walls between SMHeuristics and SMH Health. SMHeuristics is a leading GTM agency and SMH Health an expert SCM provider. From manufacturing your product, to getting it into the hands of your customers, Vessel is uniquely designed to provide manufacturers with a total commercialization solution.

SMHeuristics and SMH Health emerged from business challenges in 2020 with a nimble approach to sourcing that reduces risk. The convergence of existing expertise with customer insight gained from overcoming those challenges has enabled Vessel to form with a unique understanding of the revolutionized buyer mentality.

Vessel is a full service supply chain management and go-to-market agency. We offer our clients top tier off-the-shelf and custom sourcing and manufacturing, design, logistics, compliance, quality control, and warehousing; plus branding and packaging, customer alignment, sales and distribution development and full marketing and advertising services. From ideation through commercialization and sales growth, Vessel is poised to drive success for businesses worldwide.

Prior to Vessel's unique offering, companies would typically need to contract with three or four organizations or spend 2 to 5 years and potentially millions of dollars to internalize the services offered through Vessel. From product manufacturers to government agencies and large institutions, Vessel has the resources to spur growth for organizations of any size. We link vendors and manufacturing resources across the globe with our offices in the U.S. and in Asia.

The ability for Vessel to synchronize supply chain management with go-to-market capabilities will allow our partners to grow market share, maintain reliable revenue streams, and be bolder in their future ventures.


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